Dear Daughter

I’ve never met you, held you in my arms, or kissed your little face, but I love you so much already, that I can’t even imagine what it will be like to actually see you for the first time.

As I sit here typing this message, I am flooded with thoughts of my own mother, and how she must have felt while pregnant with her first baby. The  joy, fears, and all those other wonderful emotions that come along with pregnancy, must have been raging, because they most certainly are for me.

What started as a 5 minute shock session, a pee stick, and two blue lines, has turned into intense anticipation for your arrival, and an overwhelming joy that I have only ever experienced one other time, when I married your daddy.

I’ve watched you grow, and felt your movements, and I must say that although I am so ready to hold you in my arms, I’m going to miss all those moments. Each and every experience, great and rough, has been something I wouldn’t trade for anything else. Pregnancy isn’t easy, but the end result is worth the minor struggles.

As the weeks get closer and closer to your arrival, I’m getting more nervous. I’m not nervous about the responsibility, the finances, or even the stressors of raising a child, I’m nervous about you being happy, safe, and always feeling fulfilled in this crazy life. I want you to know that you can do anything, be anyone/anything, and the world is yours for the taking. I want you to know that no matter how much heartache you might face, there is ALWAYS happiness on the other end. Be brave, courageous, loving, kind, and helpful, and you will always succeed in this life.

I can’t imagine what it will be like to hear you cry for the first time, see you look into my eyes, or even smile, but I know that it’s a feeling I won’t be able to contain, and might not even be able to put into words.

Soon enough, you will be in our arms, and we can all start our new journey together. I know it’s going to be a wonderful theme park adventure, and I’m so thankful for our little blessing..YOU!



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