Attention Hypocrites


I find that any political post online is riddled full of bias, bullshit, and catchy quotes, and that’s why I decided to post my own political rant for the day.

I’m going to start off by saying I was raised a, Conservative Republican, and I’m proud of my upbringing. My parents instilled in us many morals and views I still carry to this day.

With that said, when you grow up, and start experiencing the world, your views might shift here and there, but your fundamental baseline pretty much stays the same, unless you are gullible, easily persuaded by peer pressure, or completely turn from away from the morals you were raised with.

I’ve learned over many years what issues are more important to focus on, and those in which don’t directly effect my day to day lifestyle. Issues like gays getting married, and woman choosing abortions, are things that I have opinions on, but find myself not placing my entire focus on them during an election.

If you have a different opinion on that logic, it’s fine, but in my mind, this world has turned its back on many of the values it was founded on, so some of the things we find morally wrong, aren’t going to change. For example, abortion, abortion will NEVER be outlawed, and although the stages at which abortions can be carried out may change, as I believe they should, the fact that women have a choice to abort will not; so although this is a topic I feel strongly about, it’s not one I hone in on at election time.

The issues that one should be entirely focused on, are issues that pertain to the safety and integrity of America, which includes our borders, our continued need for a better healthcare system, and bringing back jobs, that in turn raise our economy. These are just a few, but I find them highly more important than some of the liberal agendas that get shoved down our throats on a constant basis!

Anyways, no use getting too deep, because I could go on forever. So let me just get started here.

This entire election process has been a major headache! When it came down to the two candidates we were left with, I felt disheartened.

I’m not getting into each candidate, or the reasons behind my choice to choose Trump, because it’s done. I’m also not going to argue about all the many reasons why Hillary Clinton shouldn’t have even been allowed to run, because that would take too long. I’m just going to say that America, as a whole, has spoken.

You can conjure up all your fictitious logic on why Hillary was the popular choice, how qualified she is, all her “vast achievements,” ………..(sorry I needed a pause to laugh about that one)…..or whatever else you might read in liberal media outlines, but when you look at the United States election maps, they are crystal clear and blatantly evident.

My advice—>stop whining about your loss, shut down the pity parties, go back to work, and move on!

It’s disgusting to wake up after Election Day, and hear about all the hypocrites who criticized Trump for mentioning he might not accept the election results, now finding themselves unable to accept the outcome, using hashtags like, #notmypresident, and even encouraging riots and protests. GROW UP!

How sickening is it that liberals, and social justice warriors, at least the majority I have come in contact with, preach about tolerance, peace, and love, yet do the exact opposite with anyone who has a different viewpoint from their own. Funny how you can expect the world to tolerate your choices, views, and lifestyle, but can’t practice what you preach.

So Trump wasn’t your choice, why not act like damn adults and try and give the man a chance! If you can’t seem to get past the fact that your fellow neighbors, friends, co-workers, and possibly family members chose a president they felt could build America back up again, then find yourself a corner of the room, and continue sucking your thumb and whining on social media about the injustices that have crumbled your soul overnight.

Now let me add something important, because I know someone will think it, so why not hit all the maggots at one time.

“How could anyone vote for a candidate who condones sexual assault,”

Well, I’m going to answer briefly.

FIRST OFF, Please find me an example of where this is true! I need only one example where Trump has clearly stated he condones sexually assaulting women. Stating you can just walk up and grab a women by her p$$$y, simply because of who you are, is NOT an example! Think logically before considering an argument, because sheep-like quotes from the masses won’t be tolerated.

SECONDLY, if you can put your hand up to God, or Satan, whomever you are choosing to serve this week, and say you have NEVER listened, or jammed to, a song that didn’t objectify women, or talk about extreme sexual situations in which women are abused, (pretty much Eminem’s early music), watched pornography involving abuse, or violence against women, or talked about a member of the opposite sex in a demeaning manner, then shut your big, loud, hypocritical mouth! I’ve worked in a multitude of different settings in my life, and have heard MANY women, and men, talk about the opposite, and even the same sex, the way Trump did! It doesn’t make what he said right, but it most definitely shouldn’t be a topic of ongoing discussion, as it has become a broken record liberal key point for the past few months.

I’m sure you’re glad you can sit around and say what you please, without having your words and actions recorded for the world to hear, because I can guarantee the heads of those so strongly opinionated about Trump’s words, aren’t covered with heavenly halos.

If you are like a majority of us, the election sucked, but we pulled our fingers out of our asses on November 8th, and didn’t waste our vote on a damn gorilla, write-in, or third party candidates. We did our duty, and voted for the only candidate we thought would follow up with their promises. If your choice was Hillary, I’m sorry your candidate lost, (actually I’m not sorry, but I feel for you), but she lost, and it’s time to move on.

If it’s unity you want, then we must unite together and work towards a common goal. If it’s love, tolerance, and acceptance you want, then start practicing those things yourself, and stop looking for others to start the process for you.

Stop sitting around in your cloud of bitterness, and hatred, and move on. Stop teaching your children to protest in the street, and instead teach them there will be times in life when things don’t work in their favor, and that it’s okay to be angry, but one must move forward with life.

The Government isn’t going to make all the changes you want to see in your communities, YOU ARE! Stop pouting cause Hillary lost, and move forward in the hopes that Trump will make a positive impact on this Country!

Trump is not polished, or perfect, and he certainly doesn’t have the temperament of Mother Teresa, but he should be given a chance to do what he said he would.

If you sit down with an open-mind, you know, the thing you want everyone else to think with, and read his goals, you might be surprised to see they are positive, and not so politically one-sided.

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. -George Bernard Shaw


Faith Game

So let’s start off with me, telling you, a little about myself. I feel like my topic needs a little back story.

I’m 34 years old, and I was raised in the church. I can remember learning about Jonah and the Whale, David and Goliath, and the stories about Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection. I can also remember the MANY sermons about tithing, missing church, and the list of endless list of rules one must follow to get to heaven.

I would say I was a regular church goer, (Sunday & Wednesdays), up until the age of 18. From 18-24ish, it was occasional Sundays, and sporadic Wednesdays, mostly going by how I felt that day before deciding whether or not I wanted to sit through a service for a few hours. I stopped going all together for a few years, started back up for a year, and then stopped again, leading up to my current status, which is my complete disgust for organized religion.

If you like church, that’s wonderful, and I respect the fact you can separate yourself from the bullshit I’ve witnessed in every congregational setting. Congratulations if you can look past the multitude of hypocrites, and sit through a service on how important it is to be in church every Sunday, while emptying the last of your money into a brass offering plate.

I can’t do it. I can’t bring myself to sit amongst a group of people who claim, “the love of Christ,” but can’t take the time to be bothered too much when a member is suffering.

Experience has shown me that people say they care, but their caring comes with a limit. We all want to say “we care, and we are here whenever you need us,” but do we really mean it? Do we speak these words because we want to seem empathetic and compassionate, but when it comes down to an actual need, we give our limited time impatiently?

It’s come to the point where words like, “I’ll be praying for you,” mean NOTHING, because most of the time it’s a blanket statement people say to let you know they care enough to think about you, but in a way that gives you a vibe not to expect much more than a distant thought.

As you can see, I have an obvious distaste already for Christianity, and all it entails, then to be in the midst of what life currently has to offer, just throws me over the edge.

I could ramble on and on about this, but I’d rather get into the heart of why I’m really writing this post today.

My mom has been sick for years. I can look back, and I know there was a time when things weren’t this bad, but it’s hard to remember a period when she wasn’t struggling. If it wasn’t asthma attacks, it was pneumonia, but those days were easier compared to the days of living with a torn femoral artery, uncontrolled diabetes, extreme memory loss, constant pneumonia, an incurable, rare lung disease, and now possibly lung cancer. Now it’s like every day is a, “wake up just to survive,” nightmare.

I guess my post is about Faith, God, and the load of shit I thought would be able to get me through these times. Scriptures like, Matthew 17:20 (NIV) “Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you,” have no meaning anymore, and I find myself over-analyzing God’s lack of caring actions.

Let me stop and quickly say, that if I had a literal mustard seed right now, I would throw it out the damn window, and scream every obscenity I could think of! I am so sick of hearing this scripture, I could puke!

When you sit around, day after day, praying for God’s help, healing, comfort, miracles, and promises, and get NOTHING but blanket statements, and an empty feeling, it really eats you alive! I feel like I have no reason to believe God gives a shit about ANYTHING anymore.

To be completely frank, I feel like God sits up in Heaven, knowing all the shit your going through, fully realizing that one miracle could change your entire family, and yet, let’s EVERYONE fucking suffer through the constant torment day after day. Meanwhile, we are supposed to continue to pray, trust, and thank him for the NON-CHANGING, extra day of suffering we all have to endure.

The thing that makes me the most angry is the fact that He is God!! He can do ANYTHING, and yet chooses to do NOTHING!! He expects us to sit around and pray, trust, and lean on Him, but WHY? Why should I take the time to pray endlessly for something, because nothing changes! Does it make sense to constantly beg for something, while being ignored by the one person you know can fix everything?

I feel like this life has become a board game of faith, where the rules say, “all you have to do is pray and believe to win,” but there are missing pieces, loopholes, and unclear, instructions.

God knows all, has the power to do anything, and can intervene at any time, but chooses to withhold help, and that has me furious. It’s like having a cure for an incurable disease, and dangling it above a patient’s head daily, but never letting them have it. It’s cruel!

My mom is dying. There is no easier way to put it. She is slowly, and heartbreakingly changing every time I see her, and it kills me that I have to sit around and worry about when it will happen. It took me 5 years to get pregnant, and I’m finally experiencing one of the happiest moments in my life, but still have constant stress and anxiety that my mom wont be around to hold her grandchild for the first time.

The question I find myself coming back to is, “Why God, why won’t you do something?”

You might not believe in God, and that’s your choice, but I do. No matter how fucking angry I am, I believe he’s real, and can do miracles, and that’s what has me so irate!

I’m to the point now where praying before bed, so I can sleep with some form of peace, is a staple, but praying, and knowing, things will change, is over. I don’t feel like I can move forward and trust that God will intervene, instead, I have to prepare my mind now for the point when everything in our lives will change.

Sometimes I wish that I was never told about God, because then I wouldn’t expect anything.